Bri (ladygaia87) wrote in gay_love,

AFA Survey regarding homesexuality friendly companies

It's a one-question survey being done by the American Family Association.

They're expecting an overwhelming majority of respondents to say that they would be less likely to do business with a company if they knew it supported the "homosexual agenda" (good grief! There's an agenda now? I missed that memo!) So far, they're the results they're getting. Of course, they're only publicising it in places where they're likely to be agreed with...

So various people are posting the link all over the internet, in an effort to change the results. Filling out the survey-it really is only the one question-takes all of about ten seconds.

(this post was taken from jenni_goes_grr, posted with permission.) According to some comments on the original post by Jenni, you have to click on the link in the confirm thing for it to accept your vote, and join the newsletter. Its stupid, but..apparently they want to be scam artists. Lets catch them in their scam!

x-posted a few dozen places (mods--if this isn't allowed feel free to delete)
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