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(gosh I hope this is allowed here LMAO...)

Gather Around Kiddies For Story Time.....Since I never really established what was and wasn't allowed here I thought I would share a story I wrote.

Mature Themes And Sexual Content.
Reader Discretion Highly Recommended.
Use Of Rob's And Darren’s Names By Permission.
Enjoy my little tale.

--It was mid October. The leaves had already begun to change signifying the cold season that laid ahead. I found myself feeling more and more alone as the holiday season was fast approaching. Living alone in a one bedroom apartment with no one but the cat to keep me company. It had been 5 months since I came out about my homosexuality. Still I felt this lingering black cloud over me. The loss of family who didn't understand nor wanted to and friends that turned away with disgust. Did I really need them anyway? I asked myself daily and the answer i always found was "Was it really worth all of this?" I know shouldn't answer a question with a question but, I was so alone and distant from the life i knew. grasping for some shred of happiness in a life i wanted.
--I had made it a mission to try and be happy. I took time to go out and mingle with other like minded people and find a nitch in the local gay community. I felt as though i was starting my life all over again. New life, new friends, new ideas. This isn't such a bad thing. Or at least i didn't think it was. I remember the night i met Rob. It was a cool evening, Friday night i had been asked to attend a costume party. I arrived around 6:30 dressed as a drag queen which seemed to suit me. i hadn't been there more then an hour when this stunningly, gorgeous man appeared from the darkness. it was as though he walked right out of the black shroud of life and lit my world. he was a tall, muscular man. Donning a very nice vampire costume. He smiled at a group of people and i remember thinking he has the most beautiful smile i have ever seen on a man. For the first time i felt that true attraction to another man. Unlike a sexual lust it was more. I wanted to know him, touch him, hear him speak.
--I had always been the shy type and was so afraid of rejection i am sure these would be the reason why i just admired him from a distance. his beauty and grace he owned the room. He made his rounds to all his friends as he was a popular guy. I managed to leave my safety zone of a lonely table in the corner and found a path to the bar where i gathered another drink and turned to proceed back to my corner. As i turned around i walked right into him. I was mortified there he was looking down at me like some alien.
--I stuttered for a moment and looked at him. “I am so sorry” I said scared to death.
--“It’s quite alright this place is packed tonight accidents happen” he said confident and nice.
--”Yea well it’s me I am a klutz”
--”Not you ?” He asked sarcastically. Which made me giggle a little. I realized I was blushing and probably looked like a weirdo or something. I dropped my head and stared at the floor hoping he would move on. Not that I wanted him to mind you but I was mortified I had just done that.
--”You know some would think you were using this as a way of meeting me.” He said with a slight laugh.
--”Well some don’t know everything do they?” I asked kind of put out by his comment.
--”This is true” he said looking down at me “Hi I am Robby” Holding his hand out to me.
--Shaking by this time my trembling hand grasped his and we shook. I looked back up at him and managed to get out “I am Darren”
--”Well hello cute drag queen Darren nice to meet a man of your beauty.” he said as he slowly walked away from me.
--That night I couldn’t sleep I kept seeing Rob’s face. The way he looked, the way his eyes twinkled, the way his hand felt, how soft his skin was. It was official I had a crush. I smiled and fell fast asleep clutching my pillow like some lover past . Morning came rather quickly. I was up showered and ready to face the new day. Today I was going to buy a car. My first new car. I had saved for a year and a half and the day was finally here.
--I arrived at the dealership and instantly noticed a black Toyota Tundra that I really liked. I was looking at it walking around it and I heard a familiar voice from behind me.
--”Nice truck huh?”
--I spun around and there was Rob dressed in a suit. I seriously thought I would melt right there.
--”Yea it is. You look different without the cape” I said trying to spark conversation.
--”You look different in blue jeans” he said with a slight smile.
--”Rob right?” I asked knowing but not letting on my desperation.
--”Yea Darren, You remembered”
--I felt a serge of emotions flood me. He remembered my name. I was surely blushing now. Trying to think of something witty to say …”Well you’re a great looking guy hard to forget to easily” Realizing what I just said I turned back toward the truck embarrassed. He chuckled for a moment. I thought great job Darren you dolt.
--”Well thank you for the compliment your not to shabby yourself. But you didn’t come here to hit on me you want to test drive the truck?” He said all professional like.
--I spun back around and smiled and said,” I’d love to.”
--As per the dealerships rules Rob had to accompany me on my test drive. I wasn’t complaining we got in the truck and headed out . I was trying to appear interested in the truck asking questions about it and such when he stopped me.
--”Darren let’s get to the point here. I like you and I know you like me. I knew that from how you reacted to bumping into me. So why don’t you cut the mindless chatter and ask me out already?” He said glancing back towards me.
--I acted shocked although inside I was feeling the swirling in my stomach I thought I was going to throw up.
--”Rob would you like to come over to my house some night movies dinner ect….we could just stay in and hang out? I asked assured he would say yes.
--”I would love to how’s tonight say 7 o’clock?” he replied.
--”Tonight is good.”
--We returned to the dealership where I did in fact purchase the truck. I left after getting Rob’s phone number and giving him directions to my place. Headed home to start preparing for his arrival. It hadn’t hit me that this was my first actual date with a guy. I hadn’t even kissed another man before. Total newbie in the gay dating scene.
--Everything was set by 6:30 and I was pacing the floor. Nervous as hell wondering what the night had in store for me. I just knew I was going to make an ass of myself. He arrived at 7 exactly I was surprised. Looking dashing I must add.
--”Ahhh yes it is the right place” he asked as he stepped in out of the rain.
--”Yes sir you found me” I said kind of flirty like.
--We made our way to the living room where I ran down the activities of the night in hopes that he’d be satisfied.
--”Okay you’re here I’m here and yeah” I said realizing the tension was thick and noticing he hadn’t taken his eyes off me since he arrived. They seemed to have a sparkle to them this evening and he was wearing a perma grin.
--”Is there some reason why you feel uncomfortable Darren?” He asked noticing my fidgeting.
--” No it’s just well I don’t know what we should talk about”
--” How about you” He said sitting back and crossing his legs.
--”Me?” I asked as if shocked he wanted any information on me.
--”Yes you I want to know all there is to know” he said looking back at me and flashing a grin.
--I began to breath harder as I started to speak. My hands began to move randomly I felt the sweat begin to pour from me as I looked at him.
--”Well…Umm I guess I could tell you about when I came out.” I said looking at him for some sign that he was interested.
--”Ahh yes I always love a good coming out tale do tell” He said straightening his tie and putting his hands behind his head.
--”Okay …Well I was at a family get together at my mom’s place. My whole family was there my 2 brothers my sister and my mom and dad. We had just sat down to dinner and my mother went in order around the table to ask us kids how our lives were. After she heard all the wonderful stories my brothers told of their wives and kids and how my sister is engaged and going on a cruise she looked at me and said I suppose your still single and live an uneventful life huh Dar?” I said kind of snaky.
--”Wow loving relationship there huh?” he asked as he sat forward to get closer to me.
--”Not really” I replied looking back at the floor. “She looked at me with disappointment Rob so I said well your half right mom. I am alone but my life is not uneventful. Well that perked everyone’s interest at this point ya know”
--”Yeah I do keep going Darren” he said laughing a little.
--”Well long story short I said sorry mom to disappoint you and actually have something to contribute to this conversation and guess what? I’m gay” I said smiling at him.
--”And she flipped out?” he asked wanting to know more.
--”No my dad didn’t believe me my brothers said it confirmed I was adopted cause gayness runs in the genes and my sister was pissed that I would steal her spot light. My mother left the table and I haven’t talked to any of them since.”
--”Wow so they totally alienated you?”
--”Yeah for the most part….Let’s eat shall we?” I asked hoping to change the conversation as I got up and proceeded to the kitchen.
--”Darren you have a beautiful home”
--”Thank you “ I said spinning around.
--Over dinner the topic was mostly about my family and their inability to comprehend things. But it was wonderful having someone to talk to, someone I knew wasn’t judging me for who I was. After dinner Rob helped me clear the table and offered to help me do the dishes but I wasn’t going to do them on my date. We returned to the living room where he took a seat next to me on the sofa. I was so nervous I was in the near proximity of a man I could defiantly see myself being intimate with. We decided on a movie and sat there in the dark nothing but the flickering of the T.V. for light.
--”Not that I am complaining Darren…But why did you decide to have our date here tonight?” he asked turning towards me.
--”Well good question. I suppose I wanted to feel comfortable and what better place then my home. I have never done this before you see and well I didn’t want to make an ass of myself.” I said giving a slight wink.
--”Are you comfortable?” He asked wrapping his arm around me and pulling me closer to him.
--”I am now” I said looking up at him.
--It was then I realized the look in his eye changed. My heart began to pound in my chest I was sure he could feel it. And it happened. His hand slowly began to move across my cheek as he looked at me. I swallowed hard anticipating what was coming next. I started to feel him pulling my face to his as he slowly moved in to me and placed his lips against mine. I trembled feeling his soft lips moving over mine as he slid his toung into my mouth and began to massage my toung with his. My whole body began to ache and tremble as I found my hands moving slowly through his hair and around his neck. I was holding his face in my hands his masculine jaw feeling it move with the movement of his tongue as he kissed me deeper and faster. He slowly pulled away from me resting his forehead on mine both of us breathing heavy not moving, not talking. Just taking in what happened. I sat there stunned my first kiss with a man. Not at all what I expected it was so much more. I wanted to do it again. I slowly raised my eyes up to his he looked at me our chests heaving from the heavy breaths and I leaned in and began to kiss him again. To my surprise he didn’t stop me I worked my mouth over his like I had done it a million times before. I didn’t pull away from him I kissed his cheek and ran my mouth over his jaw line to his neck where I took in his sweet smell. He laid his head back and sighed as I kissed his chin and back up to his lips.
--”Darren your amazing” He said running the tips of his fingers down my spine causing me to arc my back.
--”Rob I have never done this before I have no idea what I am doing” I said scared he would pull away from me.
--”So then I will have to go slow with you ease you into things” he said planting another kiss on my lips and smiling at me.
--We sat there for a moment in silence the sexual tension was there as he jumped up and said he was going to go. I remember thinking oh god no not now please don’t leave me. But I reluctantly walked him to the door where he spun around the porch light behind him.
--”Darren I had an incredible evening with you. And although I know what we both want at this point I think it would be better if we take things slow.” he said gently caressing my face and leaning in to give me a kiss on the cheek.
--”Okay rob whatever you think is best” I said a little disappointed. I closed the door and turned away from it and retreated to my bedroom where I would reflect on what I had just experienced. I couldn’t sleep that night at all. I tossed and turned and couldn’t stop my mind from racing. I kept feeling his hands against my skin my face his lips on mine.
--I did eventually fall asleep just in time to hear the alarm go off. I sat up in bed and rubbed my eyes tried to wake myself up. I couldn’t help but wonder if he’d call me. I figured he wouldn’t I was sure he would think I was an idiot or something. I sat at the table reading the paper sipping my coffee when the phone rang. I looked at it stunned and hesitantly picked it up.
--“Hello” I said curious as to who it could be.
--”Hi Darren, it’s me Rob” The familiar voice said. I instantly felt that surge of emotions flood me again.
-- “Hi how are you this morning?” I asked excited to hear from him.
--”I am great I hope you slept well?” He asked all chipper like.
--”Well to be honest not really” I said with a slight chuckle
--” I am sorry to hear that. Hey I did have a reason for calling you I was wondering what you were doing right now?” He asked.
-- “ I was just reading the paper why do you ask?”
-- “Well I was sitting here in your driveway contemplating knocking on your door” He said as he laughed.
--I bolted up to the door and flung it open and he was sitting in his car in my driveway. He slowly got out as we hung up the phones and walked towards me. As I watched him move in my direction it was as if everything went into slow motion and as stupid as this sounds I heard Gary Wright’s Dream Weaver. He was standing in front of me big smile. I could smell his scent as he slowly slid his hand around my waist and pulled me into his budging chest and kissed me. He pulled away still holding onto me.
--”Hi” he said smiling at me.
--” Hi” I said blushing trying to conceal my excitement.
--We went into the house where he fallowed me to the kitchen. I was wearing my bath robe as I had just taken a shower. I apologized for not being decent. I turned around to face him to offer him a drink and when I did he was right there. Both his hands met my shoulders where the pushed me against the wall and began to kiss my neck. I was shocked and excited to say the least. He slid his hands down my arms taking my wrists and raising my hands above my head where he held them there with one hand and used his other hand to untie my robe letting it fall loosely open. There I was naked almost with an erection like I had never had before and rob working his hand over my belly his lips moving over my exposed chest. I had no idea what to do I stood there frozen in the moment the feeling of him touching me in places and ways I had never been touched before. He let go of my hands and slid my robe off over my shoulders as he kissed across my chest and up to my lips. Not saying a word his hands found themselves on my thighs and with slight pressure his nails moving up my thighs where he grasped my cock. A shudder went through me like a bolt of lightning. My eyes closed as I felt him caress and rub me. He kissed up my cheek to my ear where he paused to lick my lobe.
--”Darren do you like the way I touch you” He asked whispering in my ear. My body trembling now I could barely answer him.
--” Yes Rob I do” I said as I started to rub his shoulders.
--”Darren do you want me to stop?” he asked pulling my firm cock closer to him.
--” No I don’t” I said with a slight stutter as I watched his eyes sparkle.
--He turned me towards the wall and pressed his body against mine I felt his hardness through his pants pressing against me. His hands wandering over me touching every inch of my body. He slowly kissed my back moving his hand down my spine which made me arc pushing myself further into the wall. I felt a slight pull on my waist he turned me around and flew into a furious kiss as he walked me into the living room and laid me back on the chair. I was grabbing at his shirt wanting to remove it he lifted his arms so I could pull it off. I moved close to his chest and kissed it like he had done to me. His hands caressing my head and neck. My mind was racing, my heart was pounding. I had never known such passion and wasn’t going to stop I wanted this and I wanted him.
--My nervous hands moved down his abs to his hips where I paused and massaged them pulling him to me. Grabbing at him like a wild animal I un buttoned his pants and slid them down. He stood up in front of me his massive erection staring me in the face. I stopped to admire it as he grasped it and pushed it against my lips and ran it over my cheek over my chin and back to my lips where I opened my mouth allowing him to enter it.
--” Darren deeper” He insisted as he pushed it further into my mouth.
--I felt as though I was going to gag feeling him push further and further into my throat. I looked up at him as I took the last little bit. There I was his entire cock in my mouth. He looked down at me placing his hands on the back of my head and smiling as he slowly started to pull it back out again. I was so aroused and loved feeling him in my mouth. Feeling his body tremble from what I was doing. My hands placed on his lower back caressing it and rubbing it pulling him into my hungry mouth. I want him I need him.
--As I continued to work over his cock I heard the phone ring. I didn’t want to stop but the ringing didn’t stop. I pulled him out of my mouth and he leaned down and kissed me and whispered gently in my ear.
--”Darren I love you”
-- I shot up and looked around. I found my eyes wandering towards the alarm clock on my bed stand that was furiously ringing. Was it all just a dream? Could it have been? I wondered as I got out of bed and made my way to the kitchen. I sat there and a giggle came over me as I thought about what I had dreamt.
“ What is so funny?” My wife asked me as she sat down at the table.
“ Nothing hunny just thought I needed a good laugh is all.
Written By: Vyle 12-20-05

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